На сегодняшний день, Россия сильно отстаёт от большинства развитых стран по уровню потребления функциональных продуктов, которые содержат необходимые организму минералы, витамины и другие...


Компания «Вирга» образована в 2010 году. Являясь частью международного холдинга, компания занимается продвижением на российский рынок продукции для здоровья. В ассортиментной линейке холдинга...


Our Company’s slogan “Virga” – Your Healthy Way!”

This slogan reflects our wish to care about people’s health by developing of high-quality, efficient products based on proven recipes, innovative technologies and promotion of a culture of disease prevention.

The company "Virga", being a part of international holding company, develops, manufactures and distributes own branded healthcare products in the Russian and CIS markets, including functional food, dietary supplements and OTC pharmaceuticals manufactured in European countries.

A distinctive feature of the company's products is the maximum use of natural ingredients and raw materials in every preparation and the product, as well as the development of efficient dosages of preparations considering individual conditions of the various systems of the human body.

Multi-stage quality control within the whole life cycle of the product guarantees to the customers efficiency and safety of Company’s products.



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